🥨 Moin moin 🥐 Salut 🥯 Hi
I’m Rachel, a UX designer with 12 years of international design experience.
Je suis actuellement basée à Montréal.

🎨 Graphic design work

I’ve been able to work on some awesome projects throughout the years, but due to the nature of my job and clients, I’m unable to show all the details of my work to the public. Reach out, if you'd like to see more.


Revitalizing and Repositioning Frozen Seafood

Market Research and Strategy
Product Design

Jim Beam

Shaping a Unique Ready to Drink Beverage

Market and User Research
Industrial Design
Packaging Concepts


Reframing a Gastronomy Brand from B2B to B2C

Website Development
Environmental Design

Who I've Worked with
YMCA logoStorck LogoHenkel LogoPenny LogoCocaCola LogoPWC LogoWerther's Originals LogoJim Beam Logo

Let's work together 🙌

If you're interested in working together, please tell me a little bit about your project scope/deliverables, timeline, and budget! Or if you just want to say hi and grab a coffee in Montreal, I'd love that too!

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